(28th June to 4th July, 2015)

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K-Project for Peace started as an appeal by Racheal Chagonja, 25 year old student environmental and peace activist from Tanzania, when she saw the devastating effects of uranium mining (U-mining) to the environment, health, and rights of indigenous people in other African countries like Niger and Mali. She did not want to see this happen to her country Tanzania, a potential future U-Mining country and sensed the urgency to halt U-mining in active sites and stop potential future U-mining sites in other African countries like Tanzania. Racheal reached out to like-minded civil society organizations in Africa to join her.


K-Project for Peace has since grown from an appeal to an international campaign led by young African activists and bringing on board other young activists from all over the world with a vision to see ‘Africa Free of Uranium Mining, and the World Free of Nuclear Weapons’. If you are wondering, Uranium is the raw material used to manufacture nuclear weapons, the most dangerous weapons known to man, the explosion of which would put TWO BILLION lives at risk.

This is a ‘first of its kind’ campaign from Africa. From 30th June to 4th July, 2015, 30 young activists, will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro (hence K-Project), the highest free standing mountain in the world to demonstrate that its possible to achieve such a high goal- and to reach it soon- a nuclear free planet and halt Uranium mining in THIS GENERATION.

We are also organizing the ‘1st K-Project for Peace Conference’ that will bring together 100 people representing civil society organizations that address issues of Uranium mining to create a ‘Network of Young U-BAN Campaign Activists’ that will continue to advocate for the ban on Uranium mining post-Kilimanjaro climb.

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Bank Transfer Options below:

K-Project Account (Kenya- under IPPNW Kenya, for overall support of all activists and K-Project activities)

Bank: Kenya Cooperative Bank
Name: Association of Physicians and Medical Workers for Social Responsibility
Account number: 01134616025501
Branch: Cooperative Bank House
Swiftcode/Bank Identifier Code: KCOOKENA


K-Project Account (Tanzania- under IPPNW Tanzania, for direct support of seven Tanzanian activists)

Account Name:K-PROJECT
Account No:0152213209200
Address: Bugando Branch, P.o.Box 5185, Mwanza, Tanzania

For any questions or concerns, please contact IPPNW Africa Vice President, Dr. Hellen Barsosio at hellen.barsosio@gmail.com