Medical Peace Work in Action


Medical Peace Work in Action- Practicum

Welcome to the 1st Annual Practicum Course on Medical Peace Work offered by the Medical Students for Social Responsibility in conjuction with African Affiliates of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War.

Course in Brief
MPW-A is a practical course that builds up on concepts taught in the Medical Peace Work online course. It aims to empower learners with skills on engaging with the community around them, identifying challenges, discussing possible solutions with the community and give a report of recommendations to those challenges. At the end of the course, the learner will have a broad understanding of their community and the social determinants of health, peace and development.

Course Theme and Content
The Course is divided into two themes:Urban Settlements and Disarmament

On Urban Settlements, the learners with be visiting three areas in Nairobi: low, middle and high income regions of the city. As a learner you will get the chance to interact with locals and authorities from the three areas to learn how each region is organized and copes differently.

On Disarmament, as a learner you will visit several NGOs involved in small arms and elimination of violence in Kenya. You will learn the challenges facing the struggle to maintain peace in a society that is illegally armed and your place as a young person in promoting peace

Course Format
Peer to peer teachings
Site visits and discussion
Expert presentations
Informal group projects
Interviews and chats with locals

Course Duration
This course takes 2 weeks from 20th September to 5th October.

Course Administrators
Claude Mwaria-MSSR Kenya President
Kelvin Kibet-IPPNW Students Co-President
Sally Ndung’u – IPPNW Africa Regional Vice President

Course Fees
To be announced

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