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Global Health Summer School, 2018, in Berlin

As a student, you have the immense potential to be influence change in every way, no matter how small. Take advantage of this and many more.

1. Global Health Summer School Berlin 2019.

Find the link to the this years’ Global Health Summer School in Berlin.


Medical Peace Work Online Courses- May 2017

Medical Peace Work online courses Third Edition is out now. The new edition is offered on Future Learn Platform. It will be done as one course per week using video formats, interactive sessions and forums. Depending on your country, graduation workshops may be done at the end by IPPNW teams. Deadline is 30th April 2017.

2.Kenya-Germany Student Exchange June to November 2017

Every year one student is selected to go Germany for an elective program for two months. The students goes through areas of clinical rotations and social services. Upon return, the student will be able to impart knowledge and skills learned to the local student movement. Deadline is 25th May 2017

2. Global Health Summer School in Berlin, Germany- September 2017

This is an annual Global Health event under the theme CLimate Change and Health is organised by IPPNW Germany in collaboration with Charite Berlin. It is a one week fulltime course with certificate on completion. Participants are drawn from around the world from a range of fields including medicine, global health, psychology among others. Deadline is May 21st 2017.

3 .Health Through Peace Forum and IPPNW World Congress September 2017

The 22nd IPPNW World Congress and the Health Through Peace forum by Medact, IPPNW UK affiliate,  takes place this year at the University of York in United Kingdom. This forum builds up on its 2015 success.  This is open for doctors, health workers and students. Registration is on-going

For more information, contact Kelvin Kibet at kelvinkibet@ippnwafrica.org

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